On The Road To Sustainability

At Bernati, sustainable development is our driving force. We aim to satisfy today’s needs without affecting those of future generations.


Sustainability is the order of the day - locally and globally, sustainability is increasingly important to the long-term strategies of companies, their customers and other stakeholders. It is essential that the development provided by the industries are guided by the creation of policies of environmental sustainability. Changing standards is undoubtedly a big challenge, but the benefits for the environment and future generations are numerous and should be a priority.

At this level, the industrial sector is known to be the largest user of energy around the world. The factories release into the atmosphere an incalculable amount of gases and waste resulting from excessive production, which is very harmful to the environment. For this same reason, it is essential that industries and companies create ideal resources of environmental sustainability by encouraging the rationalization of energy consumption. Any industrial sector that causes the exhaustion of resources, causes damage to society. Focused on sustainability and reducing the impacts of the industrial sector, Bernati bases its efforts in order to achieve the most sustainable set of solutions.


Did you know that electric motors are responsible for 68% of the energy consumption in the industrial sector? In fact, and according to the European Commission, the electric motors currently in use in the EU consume nearly 50% of its total produced electricity.

The development of electric motors has been remarkable over the last few years. Technologies have evolved, as well as products, and currently a more efficient motor can generate savings, depending on its power and use pattern. Making the decision to buy an energy efficient electric motor reduces your energy costs and also has a very positive impact on the environment. Energy efficient motors use less electricity, run cooler, and often last longer.

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As a company with a sustainable commitment, Bernati focuses a lot of its production on energy savings. Therefore, we produce electric motors with IE efficiency classes for all types of industries.

We have 3 classes of energy efficiency in electric motors. They are classified into IE1, IE3 and IE4. The IE1 motors lie in the Standard Efficiency range, the IE3 motors in the Premium Efficiency range and the IE4 motors in the Super Premium Efficiency range. The efficiency range of each motor show that the efficiency of the next series is better than the previous series. Replacing a low efficiency motor with a high efficiency motor will always represent a saving if we evaluate the useful life of the motor. The most efficient motors will not only reduce energy consumption, but will also decrease operating costs and contribute to increased productivity and reliability. It is also importante to notice that na energy-efficient unit has a longer life than a standard unit, due to higher manufacturing standards, leading also to less vibration and lower heat.

Discover our BMT and BCT series that fully contribute to our Green Energy commitment!