BDM 0.75kW Frame 80 3000rpm B3 - Single Phase Double Capacitor IEC Electric Motor


BDM Series - Single phase motors with double capacitator and aluminium frame, size from 63 to 112, output from 0.12kW to 4.00kW, with 2, 4 & 6 poles.

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More Information
Poles number / RPM 2/3000
Mounting Position B3 (Feet)
Voltage 230V
Frequency 50Hz
Protection class IP55
Insulation class F
Output (kW) 0.75
Output (hp) 1.02
Output (kW/hp) 0.75/1.02
Speed (r/min) 2840
Frame Size 80
Frame Material Aluminium
Noise (dBA) 75

Bernati’s BDM motor series embody the latest technology for dual capacitor single phase asynchronous motors, with premium design and in compliance with IEC standards. BDM single phase aluminium motors covers the product range with outputs from 0.18kW to 4.00kW in frame sizes IEC63 to IEC112M, in either 2,4 or 6 pole speeds. The aluminium cast ensures high resistance to corrosion and atmospheric attack, and has a much lighter weight when compared to cast iron frames.

These motors are built from selected materials, which contribute to the performance, safety and reliability acknowledged to the BDM series. The BDM’s starting torque can be up to 2.5 times higher than the corresponding torque of a standard single phase motor.

These series motors are suitable for the occasion where the requirements of big starting torque and high over load, such as air compressors, pumps, and many other small machines.


Standards compliance

These motors comply with the latest efficiency standards and requirements of IEC 60034-30-1;2014. They have a proven high quality, reliability and performance.

Standard Specifications
BDM | Single-phase, double capacitor motor series

_Frame sizes: 63 to 112

_Power: 0.12kW to 4.00kW

_Poles: 2, 4, 6

_Frequency: 50Hz

Other features

_Squirrel-cage rotor motors with enclosed construction and external ventilation

_Aluminium frame

_IP55 protection

_Insulation class F

_European directive ROHS 2002/95/CE

_Special voltage on request

_Ease to maintenance